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  • Video Marketing
  • Video Corporate
  • Motion Graphic Video


  • Illustrator/Photoshop
  • After Effect


Sensoworks is a highly innovative startup specialised in infrastructure monitoring by means of sensors and IoT devices.

The startup, however young, developed technological assets and offerings specific to particularly vertical industries, such as infrastructure monitoring, waste management, and tech solutions to enable the transition to smart and circular cities. For this reason, we suggested the customer to proceed with the development of a video for the company’s launch and then a series of simple and intuitive motion graphics videos, so as to explain the various applications of their services and as a promo content on social media and the companyìs website or on specific landing pages for ad campaigns.


We thoroughly listened to our customer and carried out an expensive study, research and in-depth analysis to understand the customer’s needs, market of reference and critical points of the technologies they developed. 

We rely on open dialogue and constant feedback through a process of co-creation for the development of the outputs. We built an effective, coherent and structured narrative to transmit Sensoworks’ value to the viewer. 

The challenge was to structure a compelling storytelling, close to the viewer, showing some practical cases where Sensoworks’ technology applies in everyday life. 


We identified the characters, environment, actions and animations with sketches of the potential scenes so as to give an idea of the transitions and the movements. The sketches are line drawn and monochrome and are accompanied by the script.


In the end, once the customer approved the storyboard and gave us their last feedback, our motion design team moved on to the illustration and animation.

The last steps to finalise the video product are: choosing the most suitable voice-over artist and rendering the output in the various formats as requested.


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