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Sensoworks is a highly innovative startup specialised in the monitoring of civil infrastructures and buildings by means of IoT sensors and devices.

We’ve been helping Sensoworks since its foundation, from its initial brand identity and materials to the entire startup kit: the development of the entire marketing positioning and strategy, a brand new website and various communication content and tools for official releases to be used by the sales department.


Sensoworks, as we were saying, is an innovative startup focused on infrastructure monitoring via advanced sensors connected to the Internet. Born as a spin-off from a previous, twenty-year-old, solid experience in tech integration and thanks to a clear vision of the market and the goals to achieve, Sensoworks wants to reach a strong position in the market compared to its competitors – which don’t enjoy the same ease in implementing their goals all things being equal.

To assist the CEO and the board’s vision, our project started with a strategic plan from the very beginning, aimed at the definition of their platform as a tool ready to be used in the widest range of infrastructural applications possible: bridges, motorways, tunnels, etc. 

From the analysis of the various applicable solutions – spotted in the customer’s case studies – we deduced that the distinctive characteristic of the platform is its own versatility. Hence, we focused on the product’s actual solving skills, rather than on mere technical or engineering data.

This strategic support, then, became a recurring weekly meeting between the customer and us, building a continuous dialogue. This allowed us to follow the development of the product and the ever changing needs of the market in real time and to realign the communication activities step by step when necessary.

Last, but not least, we also take care of the web marketing aspects. We constantly follow the customer’s social presence, starting with the creation of the social channels and looking after them with a shared editorial plan. To complete the web marketing activity we also designed a bilingual website to guarantee an international SEO positioning.


Our logo proposal saw a restyling of the original logo the company used. We stylised their idea without changing its nature and we gave it colour and a musical soul, thanks to the bars of the equalizer which, together with the neural cell, form a sort of character/mascot, a positive and innovative avatar to help the user compile the cue sheets and automate the revenue stream, backbone services of the customer’s business idea.


We then proceeded to outline the whole customer’s brand manual, providing a full definition of their brand in any single detail and producing all the different graphic marketing and communication material, both online and offline.

Pastel colours give the idea of a young, innovative startup, while colours from cyan to dark blue are those typical of the tech world. A lighter shade, tending towards green, reminds us instead of electronic boards.




Sensoworks needed a new website to diversify itself from the previous site and to represent the new brand of the company, more international and focused on some specific topics and new strategic goals.


  • Multiple pages;
  • CMS: WordPress;
  • Responsiveness.


  • Development of the website structure;
  • Content creation (text and images);
  • SEO optimization for Google positioning;
  • Installation and configuration of Marketing tools (tracking codes, DEMs, CRM integration).


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