Digital & live events


  • Strategic Analysis
  • Technology Scouting
  • Event Design
  • Event staging
  • Communication change management
  • Zoom/Youtube live events oversight
  • Speakers support
  • Attendees support
  • Lead generation and management
  • Promo materials
  • Social promotion
  • Video material post-production
  • Video-podcast recording, post production and distribution
  • State-of-the-art reporting for single events


  • Youtube
  • Zoom
  • Mailerlite
  • Eventbrite
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Amazon S3
  • Apple Podcast platform


Alan Advantage is a business consultancy with a network of 30 international companies and a focus on AI and innovation technologies.


Re:Humanize! wants to put forward a fine portfolio of case studies from the most diverse innovation industries for a (virtual) audience of entrepreneurs, professionals, and managers – namely a selection of innovative minds. It did so remarking the human-centred innovation as well, that is a more sustainable innovation with a focus on the role humans cover within the progress and supervision of advanced technologies.


“RE:HUMANIZE! Meet innovative minds” provides a wide calendar of talks and commentaries by partners, clients, and stakeholders of the Alan Advantage’s network. The project’s goal is to promote a concept of innovation that zeroes in on humans, the only political animal that can govern the tech progress.

During the health emergency due to Covid19, we re-structured the project quickly and managed to ensure the continuity and effectiveness of the Talks, thanks to a profound rethinking of the activity, starting from the architecture used to provide the service to the reorganisation of the communication to the public of the participants.
We then redesigned the entire user experience to promote a debate on new innovative realities within the company’s event space, with a schedule of periodic meetings every 30 days.
With the easing of the pandemic’s grip, starting in early 2022, Re:Humanize! Talk has returned to being a purely in-person event.


The very first step was to analyse the project from a digital perspective within the event calendar, including the availability of speakers and attendees to convert to a digital talk.

Uncertainty on the future and the duration of the lockdown relative to the Covid19 emergency promptly brought us to think in longer and more sustainable terms.

The main steps we redesigned were:

  • Scouting of software and tools to adapt the project;
  • Rewriting of the event calendar;
  • Reorganisation of project communication


Our customer wanted to distinguish its events from the plethora of webinars popped up during the lockdown, while still providing an handy and intuitive tool to enjoy the talks. He was looking for a platform to ensure high-quality streaming, but that could also be intuitive and easy to use, without a mandatory, complex registration, which usually hinders the overall audience engagement and attendance.

The customer’s need, hence, was that of a platform that could integrate a high-quality live, but that could also be intuitive and ready to use, meaning that it did not need a previous, complex recording, which always hindered the audience engagement.


The solution to our customer’s problem was the joint work of two integrated platforms:

  • Zoom, which allows to record the live while only the speakers needed an account;
  • YouTube, which allows to show and share the live with no barriers for the attendees.

A further pro of this solution is that the videos uploaded on YouTube are immediately available – for a future audience as well.


Digitalising the entire event allowed us to have a massive turnout, usually unimaginable for in-person events.

The opportunity to organise the events remotely increased the availability of many speakers and participants that couldn’t attend the event in person. The use of new digital tools increased the efficiency of the events’ organisation, increasing the number of events per month – compared to the original number of events the customer had in mind.


Communication, although already fully digitalised, utterly moved on social channels too.

In particular, we shared the project on FB and LinkedIn, successfully doubling the number of attendees and engagement with the audience.

We carried out intensive internal communication too among the attendees – thanks to an advanced use of email marketing and a smart management of the Eventbrite channel, the main tool during the organisation stage, to manage the users and, especially, for the generation of hundreds of leads.


Although the visual effect of a screen with panelists on it’s not, and maybe never will be, as intense as it is a room full of people, the customer was extremely satisfied with the results of this digital transformation. In fact, not only we gave continuity to a valuable project, but its value has increased further thanks to greater accessibility and efficiency of the contents.

All the media material relative to Re:Humanize! has been collected and distributed on all the customers’ communication channels, according to a medium-long term editorial plan. In this way, the engaging audience increased, doubling from the period immediately before.


After every live show, we looked after the video material post production, so as to provide our customer a tailored product, ready to be shared on Apple Podcasts.


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