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  • Website
  • Pitch and investor deck
  • Lead Generation
  • Brand Identity


  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
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  • Hubspot
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RightsNow is an innovative, London-based startup with one mission in mind: to revolutionise and improve the management of author’s and related rights for the cultural industry and all its involved actors, too often little protected and dispersed in a fragmented and bureaucratised market. As of today, artists have still little control on the remittances they are entitled to when their music is reproduced. This is rather outsourced to collection societies. RightsNow, instead, wants to give artists their power back.

The company’s vision couldn’t help but move us too. Hence, we started this project enthusiastically. We conceived a strong brand identity, deeply innovative and minimal, and a logo that focused on the two core concepts of RightsNow: innovation and music. We then designed an utterly responsive, easy-to-navigate and clear-cut website to facilitate the customer in the discovery of our customer’s innovative services. Last but not least, we also oversaw the creation and management of creative and content material on three social channels: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


RightsNow, an innovative and revolutionary player, wants to disrupt a market segment that has operated in the same way for decades. 

As is our usual practice, we met the customer for an initial brief to understand their requirements, positioning and goals and to share exact KPIs.

From the brief we identified the challenges of the product: its multiple and several targets and the extremely innovative character of the product, which required a significant effort to be exemplified for the sake of communication and advertising.


Our logo proposal saw a restyling of the original logo the company used. We stylised their idea without changing its nature and we gave it colour and a musical soul, thanks to the bars of the equalizer which, together with the neural cell, form a sort of character/mascot, a positive and innovative avatar to help the user compile the cue sheets and automate the revenue stream, backbone services of the customer’s business idea.


  • Logo
  • Colors
  • Font
  • Payoff
  • Business cards
  • Letterhead
  • Presentation template
  • Creative package for social channels
  • Brand identity manual


We revised the original version of the font although keeping the perception of solidity and firmness, fundamental characteristics of the brand’s values


The combination of black and purple helps differentiate the pictogram from the word “NOW”, in the logo and name. Such rework on the logo’s previous colours allowed us to better represent the concepts of the night and of the light beams, typical images of nightlife and clubs. We used an RGB palette with a certain prowess in computer and cell monitors, the media the company relates to its audience.



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