MAKER FAIRE 2018-2019


  • Event Organization
  • Exhibit Stand
  • Video and Photo Service
  • Talks and Interviews’ Corner
  • Lead Generation
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Communication Material for Guest Companies


  • CMS: WordPress
  • Website architecture: Miro
  • CRM: Hubspot
  • Illustrator


The first step was a complete redesign of the customer’s stand. We designed a branded framework to embrace all the available space and then a specific focus for each section showcasing a certain technology or topic.


Alan Advantage is a consulting firm active in the world of innovative startups, both as a Business Angel and as a Startup Studio. It provides its customers with strategic advice for the implementation of innovation processes.

Its approach to the market is based on the cultural foundations of the Re:Humanism program [link] which places human beings and society at the centre of progress and adoption of new technologies.

Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition [link] is the largest Maker Faire edition outside the US, second only to the Bay Area edition. These two are the only two Global Maker Faires in the world.

The exhibition places the city of Rome at the centre of the innovation debate and unites science, technology and innovation, giving life to something brand new.

It is a fair where dreamers and talented people meet and create magical chemistry, besides being an opportunity to learn, have fun and network.

It is an ecosystem where the main characters of the innovation scene meet, discuss, educate themselves and have fun.

Alan Advantage is a partner of Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition since the very beginning and every year it takes part in the exhibition’s lineup.


The development of the stand’s visual elements started, as usual, with the colours of the company’s brand applied to the core space of Alan Advantage to which – in 2018 and 2019 – we added three new sections: a corner for public speeches, one for demo presentations and a third one for interviews and networking opportunities.

STAND 2019

STAND 2018


We proposed a real “event within the event” outlining 40 talks branded Alan Advantage, all of them dealing with the potentialities of AI adoption for business and clustered for each company of the Alan Advantage Network. The speakers were hosted in the customer’s stand and had the chance to present their skills in specific talks.


Besides the technical management of the event, we also managed social communication (with live streams for all the talks) and ad-hoc sponsored content for all the targets we identified. Our goal was to invite the audience to the physical event in the future and to increase brand awareness on topics such as AI for business.


The event was not only an opportunity to promote our customer, but also to facilitate networking and the development of synergies among the more than 30 startups of Alan Advantage’s network.


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