Alan Advantage, Operational Venture with thirty-year experience in consultancy, based in Rome, Milan and Boston, required to organize his sixth participation in Maker Faire 2018, the largest European innovation event, with an important and complete presence as protagonist in the field of strategic consultancy for start-up.


The request, clear in the need to work for a memorable participation at the event, has been embraced and developed together with the customer. We decided to propose a real “event in the event”: over 40 vertical talk to brand Alan Advantage inside a design stand, entirely conceived and realized by Hueval. The care of the event involved every organizational and creative aspect, from the scouting of speakers to the conception, creation and distribution of gadgets, from the supply and management of the audio / video service to the direct social full-time on the company channels. The event was also thought to be a fruitful moment of meeting and exchange among the over 30 startups and companies of the Alan Advantage network, as well as a way to promote the company outside using web marketing tools, such as DEM and social ADV.

provided services

  • Internal communication to the network
  • External communication
  • Photo and video service
  • Concept Design and stand construction
  • Organization and management of 40 speech
  • Startup Networking
  • Lead Generation (Social ADV and DEM)
  • Social Media management  (Live on Facebook)

Video Coverage
Vertical Talks
Social Media Coverage