• Strategic Advisory
  • Design Thinking
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • CRM Integration
  • Content Writing
  • Analytics & Trackers


  • CMS: WordPress
  • Social Platforms
  • CRM: Hubspot
  • Illustrator/Photoshop
  • Facebook Business Manager
  • Linkedin Campaign Manager


Sensoworks is a highly innovative startup specialised in infrastructure monitoring through sensors and IoT devices.

Being a young startup, their need was to rapidly and efficiently reach a target audience in line with their values and service proposition, in order to start solidifying their position as a renowned point of reference in the IoT industry.


We tracked the visits on the landing pages with the main tracking tools:

  • Hubspot
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Pixel Facebook and Linkedin 


We designed our lead generation strategy on two fronts with content that represent the values of Sensoworks’ solution and the benefits for its potential customers:

  • Branded white papers on the different strategic concepts promoted by Sensoworks (circular cities, infrastructure, monitoring);
  • Digital events to showcase the monitoring software and the various solutions to engineers and managers.

We also designed and developed all the necessary textual and graphic elements for the proposed content.

We then built our digital funnel to position the customer’s brand and contents in the market and to convert potential leads and interested contacts into customers – or, anyway, into a receptive and dynamic audience.


Before the launch of the activity, we identified the buyer persona for the services Sensoworks offers.

We decided, then, to target high-value B2B leads, that is an audience of CEOs, CIOs, engineers, IoT and IT experts and innovation managers working in corporates (mainly in the international construction and maintenance industry)


We divided the funnel in three separate sections to better analyse the identified goals. Specifically, the three sections foresee the following activities:

SEARCH & ENGAGE (Push on identified targets)

LeadAds on Facebook and LinkedIn to directly acquire leads on content and ads and conversion on specifically developed landing pages for less narrow target audiences, in order to increase awareness on the issues the customer deals with and its reputation through proposed solutions and to attract qualified leads in line with the identified buyer personas.

LAND & CONVERT (Landing Pages & Modules)

Graphic design of landing pages (1 for the webinar and 1 for the white paper) and CRM o ECM platform setup for the direct management and organisation of acquired leads and to segment and develop the database of acquired leads.

land convert

SALE & RETAIN (DEM & Direct Calls / Meetings )

Lead nurturing with direct email marketing (3 emails with different content and clear, compelling CTAs) with the goal of adding new contacts in the database and supporting the final sales activity. Graphic templates and content strategy of DEM.

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