Alan Advantage, Operational Venture with thirty-years experience in consulting, based in Rome, Milan and Boston, required to organize the award ceremony of “RE-HUMANISM”: event focused on Art and Artificial Intelligence.


The RE-HUMANISM project is a challenge, one of a kind, prestigious, with an international style and involves artists, art experts and new technologies’ audience from all over the world. We took care of every aspect of the ceremony, starting from the choice of an impressive location: The Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea in the noble heart of Rome.

servizi erogati

  • Creative ideation
  • Location selection
  • Location setting
  • Internal communication pre and post event
  • External communication pre and post event
  • Online communication
  • Ideation and branded material production
  • Organization of speech
  • Ideation and production gadgets
  • Service Photo and video
  • Video production
  • DEM and ADV campaigns for lead generation
  • Service food & beverage
  • Social communication pre, live and post event