• Marketing Analysis
  • Mockup
  • Content writing
  • Seo Analysis
  • GDPR update
  • Marketing trackers


  • Illustrator
  • After Effects
  • CMS: WordPress
  • Tracking: GA
  • Traffic Analysis: HotJar


GreenVulcano is an international tech company, leader in the ICT market and, particularly, in the niche of company integration software. It was in a delicate phase of repositioning, consequent to the recent launch of new products. Its necessity was, hence, to have a modern website, with up-to-date, elaborated contents to effectively communicate the company’s strong points for the ICT market. All the marketing tools and materials necessary to pursue its goals.


We designed a modern website with a brand-new look and updated content, optimised for search engines (SEO-friendly) and for the new privacy laws (GDPR-friendly) as well.



The first stage was to study the context and the tools the competitors used to communicate their message as the standard for the target market. However, we wanted our customer’s message to be better looking and appealing in its content.

The result we achieved in this step was a mockup of a redesigned website. We restyled the graphics (icons, images, and videos) and changed the site’s structure to mirror the new focus on the products.

SEO Analysis

We optimised the contents of the website for the keywords necessary to position the company on the main search engines. We also updated the keywords to mirror the new company’s repositioning.


We updated the new website with informative plugins and documents relative to the company’s privacy policy, which now covers all the new activities of data collection.


Marketing Tools

To finalise the modernisation of the website and to allow the company to track the inbound traffic we provided the website with some – the most essential – tools of digital marketing. This, in order to:

  • Analyse the inbound traffic;
  • View the most visited pages and the points where the “informative/sales” flow stops;
  • Identify the most captivating written content so as to reproduce them on the various channels and the most interesting customer offering.


To support the entire company’s communication – not only for the website, but also for flyers and presentations – we designed a whole stock of icons (more than 100) with a certain, peculiar style, also with components that can be assembled to create ad hoc icons if needed with zero effort!



Conveying and simplifying complex notions to a non-expert public is a hard task for every company. This was, especially, an obstacle for GreenVulcano, which works with systems hardly summarisable in a few lines. Hence, we supported the communication of some research projects or lighter website sections such as the 404 error page, exploiting the power of videos: very brief, light, and convenient graphic motion animations, easy to read and follow.

Make the most out of it!