Greenvulcano – international tech company leader in ESB/IoT – requested the development of an idea capable of enhancing its leadership in IoT field actively involving a national and international audience of experts and investors.


Organized a briefing session with the customer, we have structured a series of events in Iot, which will host national and international experts in a prestigious location and natively in target with the audience to involve.

The first step has planned a work on the naming and brand identity of a mother entity, independent of the client company, natively focused on the internet of things: a living and well structured container in which to make a real and active community. Right after it was the creation of a follower base of experts and enthusiasts, grouped and involved for months in a specially created facebook group. Once created a bucket of interested users, it was at the stage of the organization of a series of 7 Official Events, sponsored by various and notes of national and international tech realities together with greenvulcano, so we treated every aspect.


  • Creative ideation
  • Choreography and location setting
  • Internal communication pre and post event
  • Graphic ideation and sending invitations
  • Creation and event management on EventBrite platform
  • Planning and management event phases
  • Scouting and sponsor management
  • Scouting, signing and managing speakers
  • Ideation and production gadgets
  • Service Photo and video
  • DEM and ADV campaigns for lead generation
  • Service food & beverage
  • Social communication pre, live and post event

Social Media Vertical Reach