Greenvulcano – international tech company leader in ESB/IoT – requested conception and organization of the celebration event for its 18 years of activity.


A thorough brief with the customer allowed us to understand the deepest needs and identify new ones. A great event was born that, in addition to celebrating the 18th, was also an opportunity to meet the teams of Naples, Rome and Salerno on a “cooking” team building day. Board, management and employees have been involved in a high-Level Culinary Contest, in synergy with accredited sector partners.


  • Creative ideation
  • Choreography and location setting
  • Internal communication pre and post event
  • Graphic ideation and sending invitations
  • Planning and management event phases
  • Teams formation
  • Location and chef selection
  • Awards
  • Ideation and production prizes and gadgets
  • Service Photo and video
  • Service food & beverage
  • Social communication pre, live and post event